Saturday, February 03, 2007

I have an on-going problem with my lower back. I started going to a chiropractor about a year ago and it began to feel better. X-rays show that I had osteo-arthritis which sounded so much better than "a pre-slipped disc condition" which my doctors have always referred to it as.

4 months ago I began going to the gym- weights, jogging, walking and biking -the whole nine yards. Lo and behold my back began to get better. I would have some discomfort sometimes but nothing constant. I was a new man- look at me everyone I'm a reformed smoker, ex-drinker and now singing the praises of exercise. I have become all that I once despised.

I woke up this morning with the old pain returned. I went to the gym for a little tread mill action and it got worse. I was in so much pain that I was forced to do the thing that I consider the kiss of death for lower back pain and that is lay down. I've reviewed what I did yesterday looking for clues into the days developments- nothing. Now, as I lie in bed, stewing in my own thoughts, I have come to the conclusion that K- is a bed hog and last night I was forced to sleep clutching the edge of my half of the bed in an effort not to plummet to the floor. I vaguely remember having to dodge her pointing little elbows. I also had a dream that she had an affair- so she is suspect across the board.

While she gallivants around this Saturday night- I lie in bed and think about how I've been done wrong.

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Lucy said...

back pain is the absolute worst! Sorry it is bad again. You are right about exercise. It seems to be the answer to a multitude of problems.