Sunday, February 11, 2007

It's important to have something to look forward to in the winter. I know we should all live in and for the moment but my eye is always toward the future.

K- and I bought tickets to visit Paris in March. Probably not the best time to go and not even a particularly inexpensive time to go but a'going we are. K- wants to get her masters at the American University in Paris. She is going to interview with the school and sit in a few classes. I'm going's unclear what I'll be doing. I'm meeting with apartment renting agencies to check out a few apartments that will be available to rent for the year. Other than that I'll be 'chillin' as the kids say. (Are they still saying that Penelope?) My brother, sister-in-law and their two kids will be there at the same time. They, having stolen our idea, are planning the same move.

If I can pull it together I will bring a laptop with me do a little writing. I've been looking at laptops to buy- I like the Mac Pro, any suggestions?
Here is the apartment we are renting for the week.


Self Taught Artist said...

my techi friend got a dell inspiron E1505 last year, uses its daily all day every day and loves it. they always have good deals too.

Anonymous said...

I don't know, I guess they still say "chillin'." But it's a lot like "Hey, whatcha up to?"

"Nuthin', just chill." or...

"Nuthin', just kickin' it."

No one says they're chillin' anymore. Then again, no one says, "Word up!" anymore, either. That was waaaaay long time ago.

Misplaced said...

In my little corner of the Midwest we continue saying expressions that the rest of the county has long since abandoned. Word!

sarala said...

Anytime is a great time to go to Paris. Spring should be rainy and a bit chilly but fewer tourists which is a good thing. Have an espresso at a cafe for me.