Thursday, October 11, 2012

I go to Mud Coffee in the East Village almost every day. It’s a great place and the women behind the bar can make a fine cup of coffee and when I say “fine cup of coffee” I mean they are attractive and they talk to me.

I’m thinkin’ some pretty deep thoughts n’ shit when there is a disturbance. A guy with his girlfriend orders a half-caf/ decaf soy latte to go.

“Sorry" says the beautiful barista that may or may not want to run away with me. "We are out of soy milk"

It becomes quiet- too quiet. Somewhere, far off, a dog barks.

There’s a photo of the allied soldiers when they first open the prisons at Dachau. The faces of the allied soldiers are haunting- as they try to take in and comprehend the inhumanity they are seeing.

That’s the look in the eyes of the idiot in line. He turns to his girlfriend and says, loud enough so that all of us can hear his pain and outrage.

“Can you believe this shit?”

His girlfriend shakes her head because that is some shit she cannot believe.

He storms out of Mud Coffee vowing to never return.

Since I have copious amounts of free time on my hands I ponder this. When did men become such pussies? (I realize that’s an offensive term but it’s the only way to describe men that act like…well…pussies). Since I’m a huge fan of finger pointing I’ve decided to blame metro-sexuality.

Metro-sexuality is a good thing but somewhere along the line it morphed into the Pussification of the American Male (trademark pending).

More on this later- I need to wash my doily collection.


~Michelle~ said...

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Misplaced said...

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