Monday, October 01, 2012

It took me forever to get back on my blog. I forgot the password and whatever email address I was using to log in. I even had to google "Misplaced in the Midwest" to find the site. Turns out several other "Misplaced in the Midwest" sites have cropped up. I was going to get outraged by the lack of originality but it occurred to me that I might have lifted my blog name from someone else. Man it's dusty and the air is thick on this site- I'm going to open a window.


Jen said...

Your entry is a happy surprise for the morning! I hope to read here about your life in NYC!

paula said...

you and and augusten burroughs....(who has changed his website so many times now i'm not seeing his blogging)....all y'alls, good stuff and i hope you write more than they have lately.
ps i just put a link to your blog on my private facebook page. be honored. write dammit.