Sunday, October 07, 2012

I am standing outside my apartment on E. 80th Street smoking a cigarette. A pretty woman approaches walking her dog. She looks at me, then at my cigarette and scowls.
“Disgusting” says the woman carrying a bag of dogshit.

Writing this reminds me of an incident in Chicago. A friend and I had been walking around the city for hours- no place to go, no particular destinations, just strolling about aimlessly. While walking through the park we saw a woman bend down to clean up after her dog. We jokingly said we should start a website called “Hot Chicks Picking Up Dogshit”. It would just be photos of, well, pretty women picking up dog crap. We laughed, running with the joke much longer than it deserved. Then it got quiet.
“You know” he said, “There might be a market for something like that.”
“Might be a chance to make a bit of money.” I responded.
“I’m mean, there are a lot of weird fetish site.” He preached, to an already converted choir.
“Hell, all we do is walk around anyway- we’d just need to bring a camera and muster the courage to take pictures of hot chicks that happen to be picking up dogshit.”
“It could be a subscription website- but we’d have advertisers. We could make some good money.”
It’s a pretty solid business plan.” Said the Sociology major
Definitely” replied the English major.

Long story short (too late?) there already is a site devoted to pretty women cleaning up after their dogs and its called

All the best ideas have already been taken.

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