Saturday, October 20, 2012

Third Date

Date #1
Character: A psychologist who specializes in theater people because she was once a performance artists. (red flag)

Scene: Caffe Dante in the West village

How it all went terribly wrong: (Misplaced) "Wow- I didn’t even recognize you. You don’t look anything like your profile picture."

Date #2
No Date #2


paula said...

please get an rss feed so i can subscribe via google reader and not miss your posts

Misplaced said...

Paula, remember how you had to explain to me how to set up a site counter, how to label posts and pretty much anything else that had to do with blogging? Remember how I didn't understand a word of your explanation because I'm a computer illiterate?

This is how I read your comment.
"Please get a blah blah blah so i can blah via blah.

I will try.

Carrie said...

Paula, I was able to subscribe in Google Reader by just copying and pasting the blog's URL (you have to hit the red "Subscribe" button in the upper left corner of the google reader landing page). Does that help? That's the only way I found out this crazy coot was back in biz. ;-)