Friday, June 01, 2007

This must be a guy thing.

The Vice-President of the company that we have been in depositions with left a message for me. He is one of those guys that attempts to bully others through intimidation but, unless you work for him, it fails miserably. He has enough employees stroking his ego that his level of self importance is staggering. Anyway, he had his secretary call me to tell me to call him.

Hi Mr. Misplaced this is Linda calling for Mr X.
Mr X would like you to call him.

How big of a tool do you have to be to do this?

There's a blockbuster down the street from us, I'd like them to make the following call for me.

Hi Linda, this is Blockbuster calling for Mr. Misplaced. Linda could you have Mr. X call us back so we can schedule a time for Mr. X to call Mr. Misplaced? By the way let Mr X know that he has a copy of Power Tool which is overdue- Thank you.

It's kind of a crappy day which would explain the bitchy post.


Karyn said...

....erm... Yeah. I liked this post.

The guy is a complete tool and clearly suffers cranial-rectal disorder. (You know. When your head is stuck up your ass.)

Anyway, no need to explain - it was a funny post. Sorry it was a crap day though.

Lucy said...

My kids ( in their 20's) have called people "tools" and It always cracked me up. Never heard anyone else say it. Sorry your day was shitty, but thanks for the entertaining post. :)