Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Continuing in the same vane regarding the shredding of all the evidence. I also found notebook after notebook of journals that somehow survived the great drunken disposal of all known records, I am too tired to link to that particlar post, you'll have take my word for it.

Anyway I found my journals from high school, which detailed my many sexual exploits as a young teen. My sexual exploits consisted of making out with a lot of girls, which is lame in one way but very cool in others. I was the king of the make out session and it was not unheard of for me to make out with more than one girl at a party and, in one case two girls at once(that's right, you read that correctly). I was a bit of a make out whore. But what made all these girls want to make out with me? Granted I was good looking, witty and had phenomenal hair but more importantly I don’t think I ever pushed the envelope, as it were, during the make out session. In other words, I just really liked to make out and I was completely fine with it not going anywhere else. This made me, I believe quite the hot property when it came to drunken making out….oh yea, I forgot to mention we were all drunk which probably helped me considerably.

So I read these little journals, relived my glory days as a make-out king and I shredded them, anything that could come back to harm me in my run for the presidency was destroyed. I would think having a president that is known for being a good kisser and a make out king might be a good thing but you just never know. I sent my wife an email looking for a testimonial on my make out skills- she never responded- she probably does actual work at her job- what a sucker.

A note on the picture: I wanted an appropriate image for this post so I googled the words -teenage & making out- That was interesting. I settled for the picture above.


Karyn said...

That's one of the best pictures of all time.

And that is a great story; and probably a real smart move. But as an "Attorney" you probably already knew that.

Lucy said...

That picture always gives me chills. Your post brought back such sweet high shcool make out memories. haha Isn't it funny, how we were content to JUST kiss? Good Luck with the move, Do you have a date in mind or just when you're organized?

sarala said...

You are going to regret shredding your journals when you are famous.
What is your Paris departure date?

Misplaced said...


The journals would do nothing but embarrass me. My sister and I we discussing 'If you died tomorrow what wouldn't you want people to go through? We leave August 8th. I think we finally got an aprtment- I'll post pictures next week when it's definate.