Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I went up to my brothers house to drop some stuff off and my 9 year old nephew and 7 year old niece came running out of the house. Basically they were laughing at me. "Tell the story about the Tonka Trucks" they screamed in unison- "Oh Christ not this one again." I thought.

Most kids hate getting ready for bed, bath, brushing the teeth, going to the bathroom etc. But I l didn't mind it because after my nightly ritual was complete I could fly- truly.

The bathroom was at the end of a very long hallway. After I finished brushing my teeth I would run, as quickly as my footed pj's would allow me, down the long hallway. I would build up incredible speeds, becoming no more than a blur of blue woolly pajamas. My tongue sticking out the side of my mouth with determination; my arm movement propelling me forward even faster. I would run into my bedroom and leap into the air -my arms outstretched like Superman's I would fly across the room and into my bed.

The story my niece and nephew want me to tell is the time their father filled my bed with large, rusted metal Tonka Toy trucks. Tonka Toys are my Kryptonite.


Karyn said...

Sweet merciful crap.

That made me laugh so hard I snarked iced tea up my nose some more. Because I haven't done that enough today.

Good God that's funny.

I will stop laughing eventually.

Tetanus shot, anyone?

Jenny! said...

Ha ha ha! Your brother is a meanie!

Lucy said...

you're lucky you still have teeth ouch