Monday, June 11, 2007

It was a busy weekend.

We got up early on Saturday and began loading the truck to put things in storage- we have too many books. I never thought it would be possible to utter these words, but we have too many books. I ran a load of garbage to the company dumpster- it is so nice having one of those. The rest of the day was spent cleaning up for the open house on Sunday.

The one issue with the open house on Sunday (our first with the realtor) is it is the same day as the Gay Pride Parade, which closes off all the streets to my house. That was a concern for the realtor, not us. We went to our friends/ neighbors at the bottom of the street for a cook-out and to make noise for the parade. Delta Airlines was represented, they said they loved us, but I don’t think they really do. If they loved us so much they would make cashing in miles easier and they would treat us the same as they treat their “preferred customers” although I liked the mini coup they rigged up. After the parade we went up the street to my brothers to celebrate my nieces and nephews birthday- my birthday is this Wednesday so get your shopping done early. We took a quick nap and went downtown for dinner with my parents and Kelly’s mom and sister. It was fun but it was a lot.

…and then the panic set in. What if we don’t sell our house…shit.


Anonymous said...

If we do not sell the house we have each other...and our debt, AND our evil cat- Lord Queen of the Underworld. Did she go in her kennel/box yet today? Do you know who this is?! I guess it is "so not cool" for your she-bunny to post a comment on your blog...

Misplaced said...

For the record I have never referred to K as "she-bunny"