Thursday, June 14, 2007

Haven’t I been the bad blogger this week? That’s ok- just feeling the stress of the things that need to get done and hoping that if I don’t acknowledge them they will go away. This doesn’t work as well as it used to.

K and I are going to Chicago today. We have an appointment with the French Consulate Friday morning where we will give all our documents for the visa. Since the visa process takes 2 months and it will be June 15th and we are leaving August 9 I suspect, although I’ve never been good at math, that I might be screwed. But we shall see what we shall see. Anyway- Chicago will be fun. We are staying at the Marriot on Michigan Avenue and I am plotting a massage for each of us. I am justifying this with the fact that it was my birthday yesterday. 43 years old! How in the hell did that happen? Here is the only good thing about being a recovering alcoholic. I’m in better shape and healthier physically and mentally at 43 than I was at 33 or 23…ok that’s actually kind of depressing.

It will be strange to be in Chicago. I lived there after college up until age 30 and I haven’t been back. Most of my drinking was done there and so it will be odd to walk around- it might make me sad in a nostalgic way but I’m treating it like a vacation.- you know- the vacation before I go on vacation to Michigan in July before I quit my job and move to Paris in August…yea I have a reason to complain. My life is golden…I’m completely aware of that. I’ll shut up now


Karyn said...

Hey, happy birthday. Sorry - Bon Anniversaire. I think that's the spelling. Did you know Les Francais sing the same birthday song we do? Well. Using Francais instead of Anglais of course. Anyway.

I think it's terrific you're in a better place at 43 than at 33 or 23. Who the hell wants to be the person they were at 23 for perpetuity anyway?

Good luck - have fun in Chicago.

~Michelle~ said...

Happy birthday! Hope you have a nice time in Chicago!

Lucy said...

Happy Belated Birthday, good luck with the visa.
43 is better than 23 and 33
At 43 a man is more self assured and that is quite sexy!