Monday, October 01, 2007

Remember several months ago when I tried to introduce some learning in this blog, but then we decided that learning things was stupid and that the only reason we sent kids to school was to get them out of way during “our shows” because they kept saying ridiculous things like “there really isn’t any such thing as a weather-changing machine” or “I don’t think she would survive a brain transplant” Which, would of course ruin the soap opera but we weren't allowed to hit them because of some law. Remember that? Man, those were good days.

Well I’ve been thinking about a couple of things lately…actually I’ve been thinking real hard about about them.

Number 1: What is going on with the Gypsies? How do they justify their less than above board manner of getting money? It’s politically incorrect to discuss it but since the Gypsies aren’t concerned with it (yes I’ve asked) and I’m more envious than judgmental- I feel entitled. I’d love to pick a pocket or two- I'd take a tip from Bill Sykes he can whip what he'd like, I recall he started small he had to pick a pocket or two*. Of course the key of theft for me would be getting away with it because I’m far too good looking to spend time in jail- it’s the hair, I think we’ve discussed this. Remember?

Number 2: As I wander the city looking for gypsy encampments and giving unsolicited advice to people who seem happier than me, I’ve noticed an extraordinary number of pigeons are missing their toes. When I first saw it I thought, “oh those darn gypsies”, but this caper is too big even for them.

So I’ve decided to research both of these topics and write about them. And, as with the first time we tried to get our learn on, when I say “research” I mean “google” and when I say “write” I mean “cut and paste” whatever I find.

Much Love,

P.S. Write when you get work

*all these musical references are doing nothing for my claim of heterosexuality


Cindy-Lou said...

Try the Wiki, they have all the answers. Why, just yesterday I began my study of Scientology. Ok, not so much began my study as listened to the chick on the radio tell me about Scientology which she researched om Wikipedia, but still. I learned several fascinating facts. (I guess "facts" is a relative term.)

Those wacky Scientologists.

Come to think of it, I bet the Scientologists have something to do with the missing toes. It's just crazy enough to be true.

Anonymous said...

Mikos Cassadine really did perfect a weather changing machine and it worked, as diabolical as the mad man could be, his weather changing machine really worked, I know because I saw it on t.v..

Nicole said...

My French husband has been telling me this for years (the truth of which could possibly be disputed.) He says that the pigeons are missing toes and SOMETIMES THEIR ENTIRE LEG because when they are babies in the nest, they all sit in their poop, which is apparently something other birds avoid, and this can eat away at their limbs. He says this is why pigeons can truly be considered dirty animals as they are happy to sit in their own filth. Ack.
Also, if you think that there is something of a pickpocket problem now, you should have tried living in Paris about 5 years ago.

alice said...

You inspired me to research that just now. Diseases, wires, filth, yuck. Wish I hadn't.

Cécile Qd9 said...

I found the explanation for the pigeons's missing toes... btu do not expect me to translate it !
It's here, it's quite logical and.. it's in french :

I took an important decision, I write a note about this on my own blog !

Cécile Qd9 said...

It's in english and it's about a great movie called "la vieille dame et les pigeons" (the old lady and the pigeons) by the director of "les triplettes de Belleville"

My article about the parisian pigeons is here (with a few funny pictures) :

mindy said...

after much revelation, i have to reinstate my fave post comment and say that this one instead takes the cake. Hilarious hilarious hilarious. you r too funny.

(btw,this is proving much better than work)