Thursday, October 18, 2007

There is a time to speak and a time to sit quietly. I’ve always had trouble with the later half of that advice. I am having dinner with 3 woman. For the sake of simplicity, I’ll break their ages down to the closest decade 20, 30, and 40. I mention to them an advertisement I saw on the Metro.

Misplaced: “Woody Allen and his jazz band are playing Paris on Christmas night! How great would that be to see”
40 year old: “I have a real problem with Woody Allen concerning the Soon-Yi thing”
30 year old: “He slept with his daughter!” she looks at me accusingly.

What I should have said was , “Oh my God, I know- I'm talking about picketing the event. You in?” Instead I say.

Misplaced: “Actually he didn’t sleep with his daughter or step daughter. Soon-Yi wasn’t related to him.”

20, 30, 40:

30 year old: “You want to re-think that?”

Misplaced: (digging in deeper) "No, people always say he slept with his step-daughter, he didn’t. He might have slept with his ex-girlfriends daughter- who was of legal age but it wasn’t his daughter. (at this point I forget the point I’m making) I don't think they ever proved he slept with her- he did have naked pictures of her...but..."

<20,30,40, again, very quiet. The 20 year old scoots her chair away from mine.>

Misplaced: He and Mia weren’t even married. So you see it wasn’t his daughter or step-daughter or anything like that… So...anyway- You all want to go?

The conversation awkwardly shifts to a new topic.

Side note: Woody and Soon-Yi have been married for 10 years. Now they are related...then they weren't, y' know ...related.


KatieG said...

i saw woody allen play at the Carlyle Hotel in my neighborhood a few years back when a friend came to was her idea, i wasn't that into it. he was strange, and didn't make eye contact with anyone. I wrote about it here. Enjoy.

Cécile Qd9 said...

you precise the ages of those 3 women but may be it would be more important to precise their nationality. I bet they weren't french... ;o)
I can't imagining any french woman (or man) reacting like that about Woody Allen and his wife.

LDP said...

Misplaced, I'm with you 100% on this one.

A Stranger on the Internet

Jay said...

If only he were playing two days later. I would have gladly joined you.

~Michelle~ said...

I thought you were going to write that the 20 year old asked, "Who is Woody Allen?" :) wink!

Panic in New York said...

Can you find those pictures on the internet?

sarala said...

Woody is living proof that psychoanalysis doesn't work for everyone. But is he a good jazz musician?