Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I am getting behind in writing. I’ve promised several topics and have forgotten to follow through with any of them. These are a few of the posts I owe you.

1. Why the Gypsies feel they are permitted to steal. Helpful Hint: Jesus told them they could.
2. Why pigeons are missing toes and feet. I’m glad I haven’t written about this one yet because the topic makes me throw up a little in my mouth and because I’ve had some great feed back from Nicole, Alice and Celia (oops updated Cecile.)
3. A fire I saw in an apartment next to our old place on rue Cambrone- and while I didn’t take a picture of the flames I did take a picture of the snacks the fireman ate while combating the flames. Care to take a guess?
4. I also wanted to get one more post in on my luxuriant hair. I questioned whether I had exhausted the topic, but after brushing it (50 strokes on each side as I do every night before going to bed) I laughed to myself and easily prepared a 1000 word essay.
5. Post pictures of the new apartment.
6. Update a list of everyone who has ever done me wrong. Providing the details of their infractions along with phone numbers so you can call them late at night or have pizzas delivered to their houses. Helpful Hint: You may need to remind them of their wrong doings as some of these actions took place a few decades ago.
7. My quest to answer the 25 year high school reunion invitation by casually mentioning that I live in Paris as a writer but down-playing the fact that I have never actually been published and have no apparent means of supporting myself.
8. The incredible spirituality that comes with living next door to an old church and the next week screaming out the window, “Do you need to ring those Goddamned bells every Goddamned hour!”

My work is cut out for me but I feel I am up for the challenge.


Cécile Qd9 said...

Celia ??? arghhh... You mean Cécile ?

remind me NEVER to give you my phone number... besides I don't like delivered pizzas... ;o)

Karyn said...

Deliver Pizza here, dammit! I'm overtired and home with two grubby, snarky, hacking, horking, feverish ankle biters and somehow there's no coffee and I'm carb craving.

Oh, and? I love this post. Were we separated at birth? Seriously.