Thursday, October 04, 2007

We are moving tomorrow to a new apartment, which we will have until October 2008. It is an excellent apartment- 2 bedrooms, larger kitchen and excellent location The corner of Francs Bourgeouis and Veille du Temple). We even like the couple that are subleasing it to us. They are a young couple moving to Argentina for 1 year with their lovely child. The only negative thing about is they are leaving which is sad- because we like them.

I went to pick up the keys this morning – I took three trains all of which were hot- I was wearing that green corduroy jacket that I always wear- it was cold when I left so I wore a scarf. By the time I got there I was sweating- as we sat, I sweated more, my hair was saturated with perspiration- it dripped down my neck- It occurred to me that I probably looked like I was on crank- just waiting for the next score- which would involve selling their appliances and, of course, turning their lovely home into a crack house. Oh well, I guess that’s the risk you take in advertising an illegal sub-lease on Craig’s List.

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KatieG said...

wow! i found my stunning no-fee UES apartment, my womens soccer team, a basketball team, a bunch of Howard Dean fans/friends, and my tennis playing best friend on CraigsList.... good to know you can move a family to Paris and it works out internationally as well!!