Saturday, October 20, 2007

It’s funny, as I get older I am convinced that there is good and bad energy in our lives. I believed this when I was much younger but as I got older the concept seemed silly and annoyingly “new age”. Now, in my 40’s, I’m once again in search of the positive energy and people.

I few weeks ago I was having coffee with K- and MQ. We were shooting the breeze discussing what we were doing etc. I suddenly realized and blurted out, “It’s so strange, all three of us are doing exactly what we want to be doing- none of us would trade our lives at this moment.” It was a peculiar realization- usually someone is longing for something else- some dream, a different job, a different relationship- something that they feel they are lacking. Here we all were completely content. The more content and positive you are the more you attract those types of people in your life and the more you attract the people the more positive and content you become. It never occurred to me that contentment could feed on itself just as misery can.

Today K and I had 3 women over and it was such a positive conversation that I was reminded of that again. As they were leaving to run errands Melissa put her hand on my back, was quite for a moment and said- “you have good energy- you will write well today.” We all need more people like these in our lives.

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Panic in New York said...

Oh yeah, mackin it with the young girls like Gaugin and his tahitian treats.