Wednesday, October 17, 2007

She’s sitting in one of the hard wooden chairs in Notre Dame, sunglasses are perched on her head, her hands are folded on her lap. She looks angelic, her head is still, and her face has a calm, serene look. A man three rows ahead is taking her picture. He is crouched low so that the west window, which represents the Virgin Mary, will frame her face. The window is blue and dark. The man is eager to please.

The flash goes off, her smile disappears. She reaches for the camera- her boyfriends fumbles with the setting and rushes to her so she can view the photo. She is annoyed, it’s an ok picture but it can be better. She hands the camera back to him, he tries harder. 7…8...9 shots -none of them are right. They are good but not great- they aren’t conveying what she wants to show. she doesn't want to explain it to him again, - she rises to leave but he hands her the camera and sits down in the hard wooden chair. She’s confused at first but understands after he says something to her. She takes his picture- once, very quickly. His shoulders are thrown back- he has a pensive, defiant air about him- a man to be reckoned with.


KatieG said...

ha! i love this story

Cécile Qd9 said...

le perfectionnisme féminin opposé au j'm'en foutisme masculin... ;o)
(I don't want... heu.. I'm unable to translate this)