Thursday, January 03, 2008

This is the longest I’ve gone without writing; it’s easy to get out of the habit. It seems the longer I go without posting the less I have to write but what it might be is that my standards rise the longer I’m away from the blog- I did, after all, write a post about the different color twist is on bread.

First of all- Happy New Year! We went down to the Seine along with thousands of others and waited for the Eiffel Tower to sparkle- a loud cheer went up- Champaign was popped; in my case Perrier was unscrewed.

We went for a walk the next morning- vomit was everywhere. That is a terrible way to celebrate in the New Year.

Creepiest thing I’ve done in 2008 – keeping in mind it’s only been 3 days. Yesterday while at the American Library I was checking my email on one of two computers. A woman was on the other computer typing thoughtfully- I peered over to see what she was writing because I have no sense of personal space- noticed she was writing a blog entry. Looked up her blog as I sat next to her. It’s pretty good- I sent a comment saying as much.

The two computers at the library are named Gertrude and Ernest. A few weeks ago an older woman told me that Ernest was faster than Gertrude and I responded that that may be true but Gertrude could kick Ernest’s ass in a cage match. It occurs to me that I actually wrote that in a post last year. It also was probably an inappropriate response.

The bar on this blog is very low.

I quite smoking 4 years ago today- I miss it everyday but refuse to pick up the habit again. I’m more motivated by the financial benefits of not smoking then the health benefits.

Paris maybe fuming over the anti-smoking laws that come into effect this year but I truly don’t care. I think most people are pretty polite when it comes to smoking- smoky cafes don’t bother me.

We were in the restaurant below our apartment – it was very tight seating. The tables were pushed up against each other. A woman sitting next to my friend finished her meal and lit up a smoke just as my friend’s meal arrived. It’s people like her that make these laws necessary.

Public humiliation is a great behavior modification tool.

Bring back the stocks!

Did you know that one of Marie Antoinette’s handmaids was torn apart- literally torn apart- by the revolutionary mob? I don’t remember that song from the musical.

We had friends in this past week- the only thing better than exploring Paris is exploring it with old friends.

I bought a pair of Chelsea boots last week. When I was in high school I believed that boots were similar to hemorrhoids- sooner or later every asshole gets one. It turns out that is true.


Karyn said...

Glad you're back - I love that you looked up her blog and left a comment! I guess we can agree to disagree with you about boots although I confess I will have to Google "Chelsea Boots" to see what they are... and we can agree, heartily, that vomit is no way to celebrate a new year. Or anything else, except perhaps having narrowly escaped death by poisoning by having horked up your insides.

That's a pretty picture.

Time for petit dejeuner! On va attacquer la cuisine!

~Michelle~ said...

Nice to have you back in blog world, you were missed!

Right on, your boots sound groovy, baby, groovy!

Cleo said...

I have an even creepier idea:

Next time you see her in the library leave her a comment on the lines of "By your writting style I guess you wear glasses ( if she does) that hide the (green, brown?) colour of your eyes. I feel in your words you are around (however old she is) and write from a library...

Sit far enough not to be supected but within a good distance so you can see her nervous smile while she looks around.

Happy new year. Let's terrify people!


LDP said...

Happy New Year, asshole!

What are Chelsea boots?