Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I’m not saying I would do this but it is tempting. On trash day, grocery stores throw out expired food items. Their garbage cans are filled with wrapped, edible food. The fruit and vegetable markets do this also; food that is perfectly good, perhaps a bruise or some such thing but otherwise ok. There are always well-dressed people as well as clochards digging through the garbage filling their carts with this packaged food. It must be a huge savings. Is my thinking that this is a sound idea the first step in becoming a bagman?


Polly said...

There are a lot of old folks (apparently on fixed incomes?) who regularly go dump-diving at the nedo fo the day outside the Shopi in my neighborhood.

It makes me so sad; they're well-dressed, yeah, but clearly depsperate to do that.

Or is it a holdover from scarced times during WWII?

Polly said...

sorry --

*at the end of the day



I should proofread before I comment

dryanna said...

I guess dumpster diving would be 'la plonge a poubelle' a Paris?

It has a nice ring. But not such a nice taste.