Saturday, January 26, 2008

I have a fun Parisian scavenger hunt for people who read this blog. If we are successful it could mean a great deal of money for us and believe me I need the money because butter cookies don’t grow on trees. That is the one mistake that God made- no butter cookie trees.

As you may recall, I've been a little obsessed with Modigliani. I've always felt that anything worth doing is worth overdoing so I've been studying his life and his work in the library when I should be writing the next mediocre American novel.

Interesting Fact
Modigliani moved from Montmartre to Montparnasse in 1909. He was broke and had taken a break from painting to sculpt. Since he had no money, he had to steal his materials to work. It is not a coincidence that all his narrow, rectangular wooden figures are the same dimensions as the oak sleepers on the train tracks.

In 1913, near his home in Montparnasse, Modigliani spotted blocks of stone on a building site. In the evenings he would sneak onto the building site and chisel away on one of the larger blocks. When the statue was nearly completed the workmen placed the chiseled stone into the foundation where it belonged. Modigliani made a scene but was run off by the workmen.

The Mission
So, somewhere in Montparnasse, in the foundation of a building that was begun in the summer of 1913, there is a Modigliani waiting for adventurers like us to discover/steal. Come join me- you know you've always wanted to quit your damn job and move to Paris to be involved in a caper. that's right- I'm talkin' about a caper.

Nothing To Do With The Mission
I've added a new Paris blog to my favorites called Musings.


Polly said...

Wow. unbelievable timing to read this!

Today I became obsessed with rue de la Grande Chaumiere, where Mod (and many other artists) lived. I took my morning walk over there to check it out.

Maybe the scultpure is there...

And two thumbs up for Musings!

self taught artist said...

this photo is very penally
we never comment to each other anymore
but at least we still link

i've been catching up on your blog
and have to give you a thumbs up

i'm really glad you are having the experiences you are...the fodder...its all good. you really are a fucking writer

LDP said...

The only caper that interests me is one that involves a certain Lizard King's bathtub.

Misplaced said...

"I am the Lizard King, I can bathe anywhere."

Misplaced said...

Self taught- It does look a bit phallic- I hadn't noticed that before- it's actually the profile of a bust he did ( African Art influence)- See I'm trying to "get" the art thing

mindy said...

i like your really bad ideas as they sound to me like really bad ideas...especially, as suggested in your post, quitting one's present job and moving to paris. Sign me up.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I've always thought I could do with rather Lessdigliani.


Gail said...

Modigliani is one of my favorites. Have you seen the movie starring Andy Garcia? I thought it was good...had me crying at the end. I fell in love with Modigliani...or maybe it was Andy Garcia I fell in love with :)