Monday, July 09, 2007

We are moving to Paris in exactly 1 month. The house hasn't sold yet, I can't speak French and I'm questioning whether or not we have enough money. I'm also questioning what I'll be doing for a year. All that aside I'm mostly concerned for my cat, Ponette. Mostly I'm worried about the flight over- should we drug her? I've heard compelling arguments for and against- the biggest one against is that they can die. The other thing is how does she go to the bathroom? Its an 8 hour flight which she will be flipping out and another couple hours getting to the new apartment. I'm not sure how long a cat can go without going to the bathroom, but we shall see.

Actually, the more I think about it I'm worried about everything.


william comparetto said...

Details toward the end cause worry. I say: shoot first, ask questions later.

Karyn said...

Ah, what the hell, yeah? It's always something - may as well be something in Paris.

It'll sort itself. It just will.