Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tonight I should go to my weekly meeting but I made the mistake of picking up the second season of Arrested Development from the library. That's right, I'll watch one show after another until my mind melts. I will also be eating entirely too much pizza and I may get some ice cream also. I'll wash it all down with diet coke so I don't gain any weight.

Please refrain from calling me tonight as your calls will be screened.


~Michelle~ said...

This show is brilliant! Enjoy!

Karyn said...

You? Are a freaking GENIUS.

Is THAT how Diet Coke works?

Cos it tastes like crap when you drink it with salad or pita bread or crap like that.

I cannot WAIT to get my hands on some Diet Coke. And chicken wings. And potato skins. And pizza. (Okay, it might be PMS week this week but who EXACTLY is going to give me a hard time about that? Right, I thought not.)