Saturday, July 07, 2007

I’m ok with aging. I really am. I like the fact that I don’t get filled with jealousy, that I’ve learned to trust, that I’ve learned to put things in the proper perspective and there are fewer NRB’s (no reason boners)

Physically the aging process has been gradual- so gradual that when I look at pictures from a few years ago I’m amazed by the differences. Some gray has crept in the beard, a slight double chin has developed and its considerable harder to lose weight. Since I’ve quite drinking and smoking and I work out I’m probably much healthier and stronger than I used to be but physically it doesn’t seem to show this.

Yesterday I went to get my eyes examined because I want cool sunglasses for Paris (this, in my mind, will make up for the doubled chin and love handles). I was informed that I need bifocals. "BIFOCALS!- Are you stoned Doctor!!" She said that after the age of 40 that’s what usually happens. (Note she did not answer the stoned question) So I’ve been prescribed bifocals for when I read- can viagra* be far off?

*A lot of erection talk today- sorry but I'm feeling very sensative.

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Kevin Mullaney said...

Matt, you don't need bifocals... those are for old people. i strongly suggest getting progressive lenses instead. they do the same thing but have a much cooler name. in fact they are the same as bifocals but you will feel better. now if that doesn't give you a woody i don't knwo what will.