Friday, July 20, 2007

Earlier this week K- had her yoga class and I went to a Thai restaurant by myself. I pretended to read my book, The World Is Flat, while I listened in on the conversation next to me. A woman of a certain age, that age being 49, I know because she wants to spend her 50th birthday at the Grand Canyon but on the Northern Basin because her husband can't take the altitude of the southern basin, or maybe its the other way around- I'm from Ohio how should I know? Anyway, this lady was all pissed off because she was getting on a plane and the security person took away her toothpaste.

"No liquids, unless under 4ounces." Said the security guard

"But the entire tube of tooth paste is 4 ounces and half of it is gone leaving only 2 ounces" complained the woman on the business end of 50.

The young security guard apologized but held firm. As the woman relayed this story of injustice to her dinner partner she described the security woman as being "this young girl, maybe 22, with an I.Q. of sassy!"

I shot soda out of my mouth onto my book. Obviously, The World Is Flat is not that funny. They looked at me, the jig was up. I have yet to use this bon mot but rest assured I will and when I do it will be accompanied by a "Z" snap.

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Karyn said...

Thanks for that - I just snarked crystal light raspberry drink up my nose.