Wednesday, November 08, 2006

This is our cat Ponette. She will always be our little kitten, snuggling and bunting against our legs but don't be fooled -she is, in the words of our vet, "a tri-colored bitch." She will lure you in with purrs and soft meows and then she will bite your nose. Just ask my sisters-in-law or our neighbors.

God looked at her funny once and she bitch slapped him...true story.

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BJ Lantz said...


I stumbled on you blog a while back - the vignette about the man throwing his ring in the Seine that you posted on that group blog about Paris. I found that I enjoyed your voice and began reading some of your older posts and am hoping I will get to one where you tell us you're writing a book that is about to be published so I can search for it on Amazon :-)

But I had to stop and comment on this particular post - it cracked me up. I too have a Tortie cat - Gracie (Queen of Evil). Everybody at the vet scatters when she comes in and she has a mean face on her chart. I am fond of saying, "Gracie hates everybody, all the time, except me - some of the time." And yet, I still love her... odd, isn't it? I wonder if it is the same phenomenon that keeps people with people who treat them poorly....

p.s. I am SEVERELY jealous that you are living in Paris. I've been six times now and every time I want to go back even more.