Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Like a lot of other people I have googled myself. It is a form of delusional vanity to assume the world is discussing you. I have also googled all of my friends and anyone else that has had the misfortune to cross my path. Many of my friends have long lists about them, usually work related and quite impressive. My only claim to fame is being quoted in a lawsuit where a Township sued the company I worked for, hardly notable.

I did find someone who shares my name involved in a mystery. A young man moved to Florence to study art. He went out one night to have a few drinks at the local bar and never returned to his apartment. His passport and credit cards were found in the apartment - he just disappeared.

I followed the search for him on internet for several months and I'm reminded of him whenever I google myself. According to Google I still haven't done anything noteworthy, except not disappear. Unfortunately, they don't write stories about people who don't disappear.

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