Monday, November 27, 2006

My parents have a great tradition that I will, one day, try to duplicate. They invite 3 couples over for dinner. Picking the couple is crucial- it's important to pick people who would not normally mix. Each person is requested to bring something to read- 10 minutes or less.

This party has evolved over the years. While most people will read a short story or a poem many have pushed the envelope to keep it interesting. One women, an actress, read the tax code for 2003 in dramatic voice. Another man read some of the Burma Shave rhyming advertisements from the 1930's.

One elderly couple, Emil and Carolyn, brought a cassette which they played. What the dinner guests listen to for 10 minutes was meowing noises made by their cat. The elderly couple waited in anticipation for someone to 'get it'. No one did.

"Can't you hearit?" Emil asked shocked that no one understood.
"Our cat is able to speak. Listen closely, those are words she is pronouncing"

The tape was rewound and again played but to no avail. While it was true the cat chattered for an unusually long time the guests could not distinguish actual words much to the dismay of Emil and Carolyn. After several tries Emil realized the problem. Their cat spoke French and the other guests couldn't speak the language.

So, there you have it.

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