Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Sports, I don't care for them. Playing sports makes sense although I don't do that either. Watching them for hours at a time is beyond my understanding. I don't particularly care if others choose to live that way- it's just not something I have an interest in. I wont judge someone who watches sports and I expect the same consideration for not watching them.

I also don't like when people try to engage me in conversation while I'm in the locker room getting dressed. If you are naked or I am naked leave me the hell alone. I'm not interested in your take on current affairs while your penis is in view. I don't think it's prudish or modest- put some pants on.

These are two things I'm not wild about- combine them and I get annoyed.

I'm finishing up in the locker room after working out. A pale, naked guy approaches me, he puts his hands on his hips and says,

"The Steelers are really kicking the Bengals ass. "

Usually I'll say something that could be taken as an agreement but doesn't lock me into a long conversation, 'yea it sucks' or something as non committal. But this pale naked guy with his 70's haircut was annoying.

"I don't know I'm not that interested in sports and I didn't see it today"

His eyes got wide and he could hardly contain his glee

"Today!!" he said, "the don't play on Saturday, you really are clueless!"

Pale naked guy with hands on hips and scary 70's hair is calling me cluelss in a locker room.

"Yea I guess, I just think its a waste of time to sit in front of the TV for hours on end watching other people play a sport.- Read a book or something"

Naked guy begins to defend television, curiously he does not take offense at the 'read a book comment'.

"It depends on what you watch CNN, History Channel those are good stations."

Why am I in a conversation with naked guy?

"Yea maybe but its been my experience that people who justify how much TV they watch always say they watch Discover or The History Channel or some other educational programming. Notice how no one ever cops to watching re-runs of Three's Company?"

I said this as I walked away and didn't hear his response. I occurs to me that I might need to chill out a bit.

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