Wednesday, February 06, 2008

There is still time to Ask a French Woman.

We were originally going to have the "Ask A French Woman" answers today. Unfortunately, Cecila had some unexpected business come up. If you haven't figured it out Cecile is an international spy- She was called in to her main spy headquarters to help in taking over a small country- whose name she couldn't release. Cecile thought it would only take a week- she's that good. It's bad news for that small country but good news for us. Keep sending in those questions. Dyna that means you too.

We will have answers next Wednesday.

Did you get the last post? I was suggesting that Sarkozy was a geek and that his marrying a hot supermodel would be a victory for Star Trek geeks everywhere. My wife didn't get it and when I explained it she still gave me a puzzled look.


LDP said...

I must admit, I didn't get it either. Was she on Star Trek? I wondered.

You can mock me in person tomorrow.

Misplaced said...

OK- maybe it wasn't funny. Shouldn't you and Red be on a flight to Paris?

Tin Foiled said...

I just naturally assumed that it was some twisted slashtrek reference to Luxwana Troi getting it on with a Ferengi.

I mean... a friend of mine naturally assumed... oh, never mind.

Parisian Cowboy said...

Hey Matthew,

I read this site :

Or you can also have a look directly at the venues :

Of course, you've got a lot more than that, but that's a start.



mindy said...

it was funny even though i'm not a trekkie, i got the gist, and thought there must be somewhere a convention going on for them. anyways, he looks like a clingon or whatever other 'strange' looking folk from came outta that show. plus she is tres belle. what does cecile think of her?

Karyn said...

Well, I got it.

Karyn said...

PS: I'm totally jealous you and LDP are probably up to Parisian hijinks while I'm sitting here amidst my 72 metric tons of crap that needs packing and with a ralphing 3 year old and a nascent anxiety attack.