Thursday, February 28, 2008

I'm trying to put pictures from Granada up but Blogger wont let me- most annoying. Although when blogs that I read put vacation photographs up I generally skip them so maybe it for the best.

Kelly is visiting Fez, Morocco for two weeks to attend a class on non-profit organizations or NGO’s, as they are known here. I'm not certain why she needs to attend this class as we have been non-profit for the past 8 months but off she is going. I have to figure out what I'm going to do for two weeks. My brother and his family are in the Alps skiing and then they are off to Tunisia. It occurs to me that I should probably make some friends or something.

It's been my experience that after your early twenties it becomes more difficult to make lasting relationships. I have made one very good friend in the last five years- a neighbor down the street. We used to meet weekly at a coffee shop and complain about our wives. Nothing serious but a fella needs to vent. My other close friend I met in 8th grade and we have been buddies since. Both have visited us with their wives but neither is irresponsible enough to quit their good jobs and move here- so I am forced to actually try to make friends.

Have you ever tried to befriend a guy? Guys, by their very nature, are idiots so you have meet a lot of bucket heads before you find a cool guy- and then he might think you're an idiot or he might be all full up with guy friends so you're sunk. The plus side in guys being stupid is that very soon they will send out subtle signs that they are not friend material. "Fox News ROCKS!!" "Pamela Anderson is a TOTAL BABE!!!" The 'high five' is always a great weeder out of potential guy friends.

I’ve watched Kelly befriend girls- they will meet for the first time and by the end of the conversation they say - "Hey lets meet for a coffee or go shopping” look at that, they are on their way to becoming friends. If a guy says to another guy at a party, "Hey let's meet for coffee or go shopping" it sounds like a bad pickup line. And let's face it; a slim, good-looking guy with incredible hair such as myself is often mistaken for gay and my intentions may be misconstrued.

The super secret anonymous club I belong to should make it easier to meet people but the simple truth is men don't befriend other men easily. I've always found it easier to befriend women but I’m no longer permitted to be friends with pretty women -so sayeth my wife. By the way- I met a woman that tried to kill herself by jumping in the Seine- (reference to an old post that I'm to lazy to look up and link to)- fortunately she's just average looking so she is "friend material" but...well... she did jump in the Seine and I'm looking for a long term relationship.

So these next two weeks I will try to make some friends and when Kelly gets home I'll ditch 'em.


Andrea said...

I can't even remember the last real friend I made, that's depressing. I have made a few new friends on Facebook but they tend to be of the male persuasion so my husband would probably kill me if they became anything more than virtual friends.

Good luck with your search, it won't be easy!

Kim Hambric said...

Oh, you think its easy for women, do ya? I've made two friends over the last 18 years. I had three other friends before that & I seem to have pissed off two of them.

It's a myth that women make friends left and right. Or maybe, maybe, its just me and my abrasive personality and my inability to giggle.

Do you really think that women meet other women and 5 minutes later they are talking about ovaries and knitting. Hmmmm. Maybe I should get out more, wear a sign that says "lets meet for coffee".

LDP said...

I don't even know how to make friends anymore. It used to be such a natural thing. My wife and I, all of our "new" friends are other couples, parents whose kids go to our kids' school. In other words, the women are all friends and the men are incidental. It doesn't count.

Demetrius Romanos said...

I know the feeling! It's particularly tough to find even the time to meet people that aren't coworkers. It's also way too creepy to just randomly approach people and try to make casual conversation. It usually goes like this..."hey that's a cool jacket, what type of fabric is that? Have you seen the new Alexander McQueen collection? You want to maybe get a coffee or go to Saks sometime?....uh...listen buddy, I dont know if I gave you the wrong idea or something, but I'm not gay."

We should just send eachother fullsize foamcore cutouts of ourselves and install skype cameras in them so it's kind of like we're really talking to one another. Might be awkward during a manbag outing though.

Tin Foiled said...

What? No random offers of friendship from creepy internet axe-murderers?

Sigh. Want to meet up for coffee?

Polly-Vous Francais said...

Blogger sometimes doesn't let me upload images, too; I think it must have Photo-Chop built in.

Actually, when this happens, I usually try clicking on "preview" then "hide preview" and then try again to upload and somehow it works.


So do I qualify as a friend now?