Friday, February 01, 2008

I wrote once about our 1966 convertible bus, which we owned for 20 years. My brother sent me a picture of it recently and I thought I’d share it. I don't know all of the people in the picture- some are siblings and my mom, who loves her some Lime Jell-O, is the babe leaning near the back of the bus. I’m the dashing young lad in the front passenger seat with a head as big as all outdoors.

I reread the post and it made me miss that bus all over again. I think my brother Sean dropped the engine and put it in the lawnmower or something sketchy like that.

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La Belette Rouge said...

You all look like a well-coordinated Partridge Family.Which I suppose would make you David Cassidy. Can you sing, "Come on get happy!"?

Misplaced said...

No- I was more the little drummer Partridge- the one that may or may not have been retarded

Jadie said...

wow, you were a beautiful looking family, especially your mother! My question for Cecile is kind of in line with that. What happens to women in Paris once they reach 50ish? Can they be as sexy as your mother looks in the photo?! Or do they all become tubs of unattractive lard as they so often do in the U.S.?

Polly said...

We had a VW bus like that too. Essential for a family of 7. I remember thinking how cool it was to be able to stand up in a car (I was the youngest, and it was pre-mandatory seat belt days.) Our other car was a Beetle, and being wedged into the way way back of that was no fun for the family pipsqueak.

We always honked and flashed lights at any other VW buses on the road, such a rarity it was to see them. (Am I dating myself?)

Thanks for the drive down memory lane.