Friday, February 15, 2008

I have been remiss in posting this week. We had guests and at some point we are supposed to move away from the computer and actually live a life worth blogging- at least that what some people believe.

We re-watched “Dead Poets Society” and then went out to live life deliberately- you know- suck the marrow from it. The inspiration that comes from a movie, as well as motivational speakers, lasts about 3 hours so we had to move quickly.

The Chinese New Year was brought in with a parade designed to chase away the evil spirits. I think it worked. Which brings up a point- is it ok to say that Asian people can be very pushy, in the physical sense, without appearing racist? Note: I’m not worried about being racist just appearing racist. This also happened at the Bateau Mouche. At the end of the boat ride there was a stampede to the exit. I asked a Chinese guy behind me if the boat was on fire- he laughed and pushed me out of his way.

In the Marais a man danced with a fish bowl on his head- I’m not certain why but there it is. A pet peeve I have regarding photographers. If you are going to take a picture of the street performers you should throw a euro in their hat. I’m amazed at the number of people that stand beside a silver elf, have their picture taken and not give the guy a little money. He’s dressed up like a silver elf with pointy ears- give him a euro

In the 3rd arrondisement I found the charred remains of a row of bicycles, mopeds and motorcycles. It looked like art- I was then thinking that could become a performance art piece that could be performed around the city. Only after awhile it occurred to me that that would be arson. Sometimes the line isn’t so fine.

We spent time with the dead, as I mentioned. This particular gravestone was of interest. I couldn’t read the inscription but I suspect that this guy wasn’t the most fun to be around. Anyone know the history of the person that wanted Promethius on his gravestone?

I wrote about Victor Noir’s grave a few months ago. I didn’t realize that we have two things in common- one is that we both wear Chelsea Boots.

Sacre Coeur is incredible in the sense that on a cloudless day we all appear to be skilled photographers.


La Belette Rouge said...

Probably best to not throw a Euro into the hat of fishbowl guy. If Euro is in paper form it will get wet and deteriorate and if it is in coin form you might kill the fish.

Speaking of marrow. In my early 20's I was so into this concept of marrow getting, I ordered a silver marrow fork as a symbol of the importance of getting all the marrow you can. I don't know what happened to my marrow fork. Hmmm...

Panic in New York said...

Oh do you have parts that are all shiny from rubbing, like Victor Noir?

dryanna said...

Hey, that little silver elf has become my buddy. He came out of character one day and actually spoke to my son and me. He gave my son tips on performing in front of an audience (look at the crowd, not the diablo...), and was telling me the kid had a lot of potential. He even mentioned circus school. I gave him 5 euro to not mention said school to my son.

Panic in New York said...

I gave the silver elf 5 Euro to quit hitting on my wife and go away.

Karyn said...

One day in Covent Garden there was this Italian kid singing beautifully, opera style, to crowds of people eating at a cafe. I stood gazing, resting on a rail, and when he was through, I clapped like mad and tossed the change in my pocket into his hat.

Later, I realized I tossed a few quid in there, not a few pence.

One must be careful with these things, but at least I feel comfortable now saying I am a patron of the arts.

Anonymous said...
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