Monday, June 01, 2009

I need to get back involved with the blog. It turns out that unless I write every day I wont write at all. To get you up to speed: I moved back to my little corner of the Midwest in October after living in Paris for the past year and a half. I still haven’t received my deposit back for the apartment in Marais and the landlord moved to Argentina- it looks promising.

The economy has taken a nose-dive and everyone here is scrambling to get their financial affairs in order. Not to brag, but I irresponsibly blew through all my money in Paris before the coked-out, 20-something investment bankers could lose it for me. My friends complain about the state of their 401k plans I shake my head in commiseration while silently belching up a little pain aux raisin. “Excusez- moi suckas”

My life has gone through a few major shake-ups since returning from Paris. No point in going through that here but it seems that getting back to writing might be a good mental health activity. Long story short, I’m rolling with the punches and taking some time off in Oregon.
You: “Time off from what?”
Me: “Shut up


amy said...

how long are you in oregon? is this like a week's vacation, or something more permanent? cuz... I'm moving to Idaho next year, which isn't all *that* far away. mmm?

Stephie said...

Welcome back! Also: you're funny. Enjoy the hell out of Oregon, as if you need the advice.

self taught artist said...

good to hear! (the writing). you've been gone but not forgotten, your blogosphere space is still here and i know you have a following keeping the seats warm.
did you check out waiter rant yet?

Kim Hambric said...

Misplaced writes again!! When you find that good mental health, could you please send some my way? Let the tirade begin. Again.

Starman said...

I was wondering if you were going to write again.

BJ Lantz said...

Welcome back!