Tuesday, June 02, 2009

I received a call a couple of months ago from COCO, Central Oregon Coast Association. They invited me to tour the central coast of Oregon as a travel writer. Apparently someone with COCA followed my Paris exploits and suggested it might be good to have a blogger mixed in with the “real writers”.

COCA: You’ll be joining a group of professional writers and photographers on a 9-day, expense paid trip along the central Oregon coast.

Misplaced: You’ve read my blog?

COCA: We’ll be touring lighthouses, exploring the beaches, walking through a world-renowned aquarium, ATVing over the dunes in Reedsport, and sand surfing in Florence. You will, of course, be staying in the finest hotels and B&B’s that the coast has to offer. A chef will prepare each meal and winemakers will explain the art of their craft. We will be picking up all the costs and, in turn, we want you to blog about it.

Misplaced: You HAVE read my blog, haven’t you?

I researched COCA to make sure I wasn’t joining a cult or selling myself into white slavery or worse, some time-share sales pitch. Turns out they are legit and even if I did have to shave my head or serve espresso wearing nothing but tubes sock and a smile I figured what the hell. Clearly, I was in over my head but the greed of wanting to visit the central coast of Oregon easily out-weighed the ethical responsibility of saying “You are making a horrible mistake- hire a real writer!!”


self taught artist said...

thats fantastic. i take it you already did this (hence the prior post w/ oregon pic)

margaret said...

Hey ... you're alive! Very happy to see you're blogging again, and this Oregon gig sounds better than good. I look forward to reading your unique spin on this adventure. BTW, your bookmark is still in my "Paris blogs" folder, and I'm going to keep it there. Bon voyage!

LDP said...

Glad to see you're back at this. It would inspire me to return to my own blog, if it weren't for the fact that I have nothing to say.

Looking forward to hearing about Oregon.