Friday, March 14, 2008

There is no way to write this without appearing to be an old man. But the simple truth is I don’t understand kids these days.

I have three college students, in their early twenties staying with me this week. One of them is the daughter of a family friend. She’s doing her junior year abroad in Strasburg. She and her friend called and asked if they could stay in our guest room. They brought flowers. The third is P- my cousin’s son from the State of Washington. Do you want to feel old? Spend 10 minutes with people in their early twenties and compare how you were in your twenties to how they are. I did not fair well in this comparison. First of all I never would have had it together enough to visit Europe. It was a major undertaking for me to get to Florida for spring break one year- and, of course, I blacked most of that trip out and ended up with third degree burns on my sun-blistered arms and kissing some dentally challenged girl that might have been in town for the tractor pull or maybe she was a carnie

So I mentioned to these 20ers that I don’t have alcohol in the house but if they wanted to pick up some wine or something that they should feel free to do that. None of them were interested. I was baffled. And so I mentioned it again to my cousin’s son, P- and he said….get this.

“I don’t really do that.”

I kept my amazement to myself so as not to scare off this strange alien creature.

“Really, never?” I queried subduing the urge to shake him by the lapels and scream “ARE YOU INSANE!”

“No if it’s an interesting beer I might try it just to experience it.”

I had to reach for the guardrail to keep myself from tumbling into the street. Have you ever heard of such a thing? If I was in Paris during my early twenties s the wine would be flowing like…well, like wine. Which, of course, explain why I don’t drink anymore. When did these kids get so healthy and wise? I’ve also heard rumors that these kids don’t think smoking cigarettes is cool. What a difference a decade makes. I still think smoking is cool- I think the only thing that would have made Fonzie even cooler, and yes he was cool, would be to have a cigarette dangling from his mouth as he had his arm draped over a buxom Pinky Tuscadero.

P- came home last night at 1:30- he was late because he and a bunch of people “closed down the Eiffel Tower”. He wasn’t in a bar room brawl and he didn’t need to get bailed out of jail. Before he went to bed he cleaned up my cat’s vomit. I don’t understand kids these days.


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Panic in New York said...

Emo kids

Panic in New York said...

Wait a minute, where is your wife? Are you running some kind of flop house for sober college kids? something is a little fishy.

Dyna Girl said...

My God! Is that real?! I think you are lying. LIAR!

Kim Hambric said...

Tell them they are doing the right thing. Then see what happens.

self taught artist said...

hey misplaced
catching up on your last 4 or 5 continue to write fantastic posts. FANTASTIC
and i agree
when i was that age i too would have blacked it all out. possibly gotten arrested and deported.

Anonymous said...

ahhh Lauderdale in the spring... stale women & cheap beer - wait...

Your guests have much to learn about sabotaging their goals and squandering their money. I'm sure I can help!


Omyword! said... I invited you for a demi in the 18th in my first comment ever ever on your blog, and THEN decided to read more of your hilarious posts and discover you don't drink. So...we can drink Menthe a l'eau or coffee or whatever.

And how come you get the straight youngster-hipsters bunking at your place and I get the drunken Irish dissembler? sigh. Some people have all the luck.