Sunday, March 30, 2008

The posts have been few and far between, haven’t they? I have found that once I get out of t habit of posting it becomes very difficult to come up with topics. If you are a regular reader of this blog than I’m certain you would agree that the topics are never that well thought out to begin with. If I can’t equal the my conversation with a crackwhore topic I think you would agree that the well is truly dry.

I scoured my memory for some writing exercise fodder and I realized that I hadn’t told you about my run in with a super model last month. That’s right, it doesn’t top the deep and lasting friendship that I’ve developed with Pete Townsend after spending some time with him in the South of France but this woman was clearly better looking and I will pick beauty over talent any day of the week.

Anyway, I met Jessica Stam. You probably don’t know who she is, I didn’t either but a quick Google will show that she is the 15th highest paid model in the world and has a handbag named for her, the "Stam Bag" by Marc Jacobs. As you may recall I am the 14th highest paid super model so the meeting was awkward, as you can imagine. I tried to break the ice by relating the story of the fan letter I sent to Brook Shields after she appeared in The Blue Lagoon- the Citizen Cane of 13 year-old boy fantasy movies. Unfortunately, this did not break the ice but caused her to laugh nervously and back away without making eye contact.

Modeling is a competitive field but I really feel that we super models should be able to break bread and vomit it back up without all the petty acrimony.


Polly-Vous Francais said...

Love it! Ripe. Wonderful. Insightful. Honest. I'm still choking on my cuppa Earl Grey as I chuckle.

Midwest, pleeez give up your top-model career, lucrative tho it may be, so you can write full-time. Your admiring public needs your prose!

Karyn said...

You know, we can't all be beautiful AND talented like you and The Stam. (Wait. Is she talented? Oh right, it doesn't matter since you're all about picking beauty over talent anyway, never mind.)

The posts may be few and far between but I do like reading them! (You realize you could post about anything and have an audience, non?)

Bruno said...

Any pictures of you with wings?

Misplaced said...

Bruno- Thanks, I no longer feel like the creepiest guy at the party.

Simon Chase said...

We should totally double date next time I'm in for fashion week. I'll be doing some casting at Elite in a few weeks so maybe I can wrangle up myself a hanger!