Thursday, November 29, 2007

A representative of Ryan Airlines did walk through the aisle trying to sell their calender of sexy crew members in different states of undress- I declined. I don't believe any of the flight attendents on my flight were part of this particular calendar- ours had more of the 'eastern block- I will beat you like a Gagatio if you attempt to stand before the plane comes to a complete stop' type of look. But they were kind enough- Ryan air seems to sell a lot of stuff on their flights- I guess that's why the tickets are so cheap. Rolling a "Crack Cart" down the aisle seems a bit tacky- especially since you can't smoke on their flights.

While waiting for the plane in Barcelona I spotted this wanted poster. They are suspected members of the Basque Separatist group ETA and the 6 most wanted terrorists in Spain. Obviously, violence is no solution. That being said I would totally buy an ETA terrorist calendar if it featured Saio Sanchez- Iturregui (second row right). Terrorism just got a little bit hotter. I need to work on the movie rights. My plate is pretty full with the mail order Gaganer business, knitting a sweater out of belly-button lint and now producing this new vehicle for Jennifer Connelly. I’m kicking around a few tag lines that will be used in the movie advertisement- I could use your suggestions.

1. When she isn't breaking hearts she's breaking the law
2. Whether it’s mixing a martini in a black Chanel or a Molotov cocktail in army fatigues -Saio always gets her man!
3. Terrorism has a new name- Caliente!
4. Saio is putting the sexy back in Extremist

Feel free to add to the list- but I can't give you co-producer credit- I sold those rights to Ryan Air for a small bag of pretzels and a coke.


Anonymous said...

$100 says she's also a sextremist.

Karyn said...

Seriously, I thought that was a guy.