Monday, November 05, 2007

It was a year ago that I began this blog- the goal was to write everyday. Many posts had to be deleted after my family discovered the blog. The entries since then have been a watered down version of the truth. “How can someone write everyday?” I asked myself before I began this little exhibition- I think the key is to not be too concerned with content or quality. This next post is going to be a perfect example of how you fill space.

I’ve tried to “Turn It Over To God”, “Let it go”, “First Thing First” and all the rest of those 12 step bumper stickers -I did everything but “Honk if your a friend of Bill W.” but I need to share. I need to unburden my soul. The memory of Carcassonne trip has been polluted by theft. Someone stole my iPod. That’s right, as you will recall I saved my pennies and I bought the biggest and best iPod they make (at this point I would create a link that would bring you to a post talking about the day I bought an iPod but I think we all now realize that I don’t know how to do links). I chose the most expensive iPod because I knew it would be a reflection of me…the real me: big, sleek, modern, shiny…black. On this extension of myself was Sinatra, The Beatles, Coltrane, Elvis Costello, Tom Waits, Ella, Billie- I had actual video of Rick Steves making his was across Europe "through the backdoor"- I intended to make some good money with those videos- that was my 401K plan- now its gone, all gone.

When I returned from my trip I noticed the iPod was missing. I spent a few days looking for it, making calls but it was obviously stolen. Undoubtedly one of those thieving Carcassoneanites somehow managed to separate me from the thing that was to represent me. I am totally against stereotyping and making sweeping generalizations about groups of people but it is quite obvious that all Carcassonanians are thieves and liars. It only makes sense- who, but a thief, would wall up their entire town. I mean, yea… I get putting a lock on the liquor cabinet but the whole damn town! Honest people don’t spend centuries looking for rocks to build a wall. Don’t even get me going on the Chinese- but at least the Chinese have numbered their dishes so we can all order from the menu.

All I know is that somewhere in Carcarcasson tonight a young man is tapping his toes to “I’m So Excited”. When will a white fella from America get a break?


Demetrius Romanos said...

I would be crushed! Without my ipod earbuds firmly planted in my ears, I would not only have to face my agoraphobia as I roam through this crazy world forced to listen to the horns, sirens and jerks, but I'd also lose my wonderful french safety net - my "French for Travellers", ripped and loaded. I need a xanax just thinking about it! Godspeed my little friend.

LDP said...

This is terrible news. I don't know what I'd do without my iPod --the greatest scientific advancement since the polio vaccine.

C├ęcile Qd9 said...

lol I just love your ethnological point of view about the fortification... So obious and nobody had ever though about it during the pas 1000 years or so.