Monday, October 30, 2006

I’m looking at the burning candle, actually I’m looking at the picture of the Indian woman behind the candle. There are 10 of us, seated in chairs, backs straight, hands open on our laps with palms up ‘as if receiving a gift’ there is a photograph of an Indian woman who is the spiritual leader of this group. she is smiling. The speaker, a very kind and soft spoken man, is walking us through the meditative process gently.

“The Kundalini will rise from the sacrum bone…which is really the sacred bone. He tells us soothingly, "It runs through the body... through the 6 chakras and flows out the top of the head through the 7th chakra.”

Everyone listens intently. Feeling the tingling at the top of the head where the 7th chakra is supposedly located. I feel it for a moment but I’m distracted. Every time he says 'Kunilina' it sounds remotely like a certain sex act. That’s all it takes to clog my chakra right up. To take my mind off of it I stare at the black and white picture of the Majashi who is the leader of this cult, I mean spiritual group. I can't help but focus on the big dot on her forehead. It seems too big- almost like a really big nipple. It shouldn’t matter but it does. I'm hearing 'Kundalini' and I’m looking at an 80 year old Indian woman with an over-sized nipple on her forehead. Part of me wants to reach the next plateau of spirituality and the other part wants to projectile vomit.

Meditation is hard.

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