Friday, April 11, 2008

OK I'm recycling a post. A woman that I went to high school with has discovered my blog and now knows entirely too much about me. She has tagged me to answer 7 random things about myself. I was tagged to do this last year so I thought I'd do a little cut and paste action and call it a day. Thanks for the tag Jill- don't judge me too harshly.

I also need to tag 3 other people.
1. It's save to say that Dodging Lions is in even more need of blog ideas than me.
2. My brother Sean's Paris Blog has taken on a decidedly morbid and depressing tone- lighten up man. The deer and cow had it coming.
3. Last but not least I'm thinking of two people that sometimes leave comments on my blog but don't have blogs of their own. Mindy and a person that signs themselves as "Z". If you want to participate, and I hope you do, leave 7 random facts about yourselves in the comment section or email them to me. (Mindy left a question for "Ask a French Woman" and Z has commented on my art posts and suggested I flip apartments in Paris)

Writing 7 random things about myself is easy, in fact everything I write is on this blog is useless, random stuff about myself.

1. When I was a child my sister, little brother and I always had a contest called "Who can make the sharpest pointy” A pointy is made by using the end of your pillowcase, preferably very well starched, and folding a section, about 2 inches into a point like a paper airplane. It felt really good to run this ‘pointy’ along your arm or your upper lip- it tickled. I’m 43, I still do this in my sleep (to be truthful I also do it when I'm awake.

2. I stopped drinking at 33 and have never had an alcoholic drink since – except once, when a Thai restaurant put hard lemonade in my ice tea.- I still don’t know what hard lemonade is, but it isn't a pleasant taste.

3. My parents, to punish me for bad grades, wouldn’t let me get my license at 16. By 18 they were begging me to take the test.

4. Everyone seems to love the “Mona Lisa” -it’s considered a masterpiece. I don’t know what makes the “Mona Lisa” any better than the painting of the dogs playing poker.

5. I fell in love (from afar) with a girl named Jackie LeBlanc in the 7th grade- she had a crooked nose. If Jackie is googling herself, "Hi Jackie"

6. I took 5 years of Latin in High School- I can’t speak Latin.

7. When I was in grade school I saw a boy in my class get hit by a car as he walked home. His mom came running down the street screaming and crying. Even though his legs were turned around backwards he said “Don’t cry, mom” I’ll never forget that.


The Late Bloomer said...

Wow, your random things are really great! Great imagery, especially in that last one... Very sad, but touching at the same time.

I know you've been around for a while, Misplaced, so I'm just late in the game in commenting chez toi! I really like your post topics -- very quirky... and unique!

from cali said...

Ditto what the l.b. wrote.

What courage on the part of your school friend. He survived, right?

mindy said...

Yay, someping to do @ work!

1. Since I can't figure out how to live/work in Paris, I've decided to move to San Francisco.

2. I like to peel garlic, a lot, and find it very relaxing to fritter an afternoon away doing just that.

3. I love randomness.

4. I collect fortunes from fortune cookies, some as old as 25 years.

5. I am Rothko fan b/c no matter your mood, there's a color scheme to suit it.

6. I like this quote: "Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know." - Ernest Hemingway

7. I have one of those little heart-shaped Valentine's candies still on my computer only b/c it says, "go home."

Dyna Girl said...

So much from when you were young. Fascinating. I thought a pointy was something different.

Karyn said...

I HEART this blog... that last one took my breath away...

Misplaced said...

You're a good sport to let yourself get sucked into this mess- thanks for answering- I like the garlic one.

Anonymous said...

Kind of you to ask for my randomness. Here's todays list...

I love growing flowers and plants.
Flowers give such a pure expression of color.

Jazz. Coltrane.

I feel bad charging people for my work.
I'm fairly certain I do above average work, it just seems like things shouldn't cost that much. I didn't have to pay much in the way of taxes. I guess I should raise my rates.

It was an odd day when I realized my little brother might be smarter than me. I was not amused when he beat me at chess when he was in 8th grade. That was just the 1st hint. Now I'm just impressed and scheme ways to take some credit for this outcome.

I'm a sports fan. Sometimes I wish I wasn't. Not often, but sometimes. Seems frivolous. But it's fun to watch people at play. It has the ability to unify people over long distances like few other events.

It's always a thrill to be knocked out by an artist's technique. Doesn't matter if it's 1500 years old or last week. Always impressive to see a new way of seeing.

Try to blow bubbles and have a bad time. I'm just not sure it's possible. For $1.25, a bottle of bubbles is affordable, relaxing fun for all ages (says so on the bottle - beer can't say that).



Dianna in Maui said...

Five years of Latin - you may not be able to speak it, but I'm sure you are a great speller!