Monday, December 11, 2006

As I have mentioned, I’m sure. We have been kicking around the idea of selling everything and moving to Paris. There are, obviously, great reasons to do this. Unfortunately, the negatives of this plan seep into my consciousness late at night as I try to sleep.
Quit your job! How very slackerish of you?
Sell your house! What about the investment?
What about retirement? There is nothing more pathetic than an old person without money.

My mind jumps ahead 30 years, me living alone on the street begging for change. I can be heard mumbling to myself something about ‘it wasn’t worth it, it wasn’t worth it.’

I just emailed K a suggestion that we visit Paris this February (crappy weather I assume) and live not as tourists but as residence. I could write and she ould take french classes for two weeks. We would shop for food, cook, visit the library, rent movies, all the things we do at home.

While it would be impossibel to live like actual residence it might give us an idea about what its like, without the romance of vacation.

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