Sunday, December 09, 2007

We have finally had a sunny day- it’s amazing how quickly the streets fill up. I was among them the masses during my Sunday morning walk. A few scenes of Christmas.

This is in front of the Hotel DeVille.

They have a skating area for kids where they’ve placed an obstacle course- when the children fail, which of course they will, we all point and laugh. It's a win-win for everyone...well, except maybe the kids but I sure had fun. The look on their tiny faces when they've been publicly humiliated for trying is priceless.

The Christmas Tree is set up in front of Notre Dame. As people admire the tree and the church their pockets are picked. Don’t the tourists, with their fat wallets, look like little presents under the Christmas tree? God, I love Christmas.


lady jicky said...

Love the photos of the ice skating rink and Notre Dame. Here you are freezing in style and I am here in the Australian heat!
Want to swap??? LOL
I adore Paris.

Anonymous said...

Wah...haven't been there in sooo long. I love the explanation w/the last picture! :)

~Michelle~ said...

Thanks for the fun photos!